Academic Staff

Listed below are some of the members of Statistics who are interested in or actively working on topics in medicine or molecular biology. Also given are some of the areas of interest relevant to this group, although these are necessarily incomplete.

Professor Rosemary Bailey – Design of experiments, Clinical and pre-clinical trials, Forensic statistical analyses of controversial medical studies

Dr Carl Donovan – Modelling of recovery times, Analysis of image/video data.

Professor Andy Lynch – Methods for high-throughput genomics technologies, Cancer research (esp. prostate cancer), Statistical Genomics

Dr Nicolo Margaritella – Bayesian statistics with applications
to neuroscientific data

Dr Giorgos Minas – Systems biology, Adaptive clinical trial design, Neuroimaging

Dr Michail Papathomas – Methods for Genome-Wide Association Studies, Complex phenotypes/diseases, Statistical genetics

Dr Valentin Popov– Applications of Hidden Markov Models in health psychology

Dr Rachel Sippy – Epidemiology, Parasite genetics

Dr Hannah Worthington – Estimating population sizes. Applying ecological methods to molecular data.

Research Staff

Wei Jing – Applying Bayesian methods on the HATUA project

Research Students

Konstantinos Alexiou – Stochastic modelling of populations of interacting cells with complex underlying phenotypes

(Supervisor: Minas)

Naici Guo – Collaborating with members of the School of Medicine on analysis of proteomics data.

(Minas, Lynch)

Katie O’Neill – Linking small RNA and pathology data in prostate cancer

(Lynch, Donovan)

Victor Velasco Pardo – Developing methods for uncertainty of signatures.

(Lynch, Papathomas)

Xioayue Yang – Methods evaluation and development for prostate gene expression data.

(Lynch, Minas)